Frequently asked questions


What is your photography style?  

I am a lifestyle photographer.  I start all of my sessions with a few posed images.  I then guide my clients into natural interactions to capture their true personalities.  I love candid photos and details.  There will never be another family like yours - your images should celebrate that!

What should I wear?

This is my #1 most asked question.  The absolute most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident!  Wear what you feel good in, as that will usually show through in the photos.  My top tip is to dress mom first (that's likely YOU reading this right now) in something she feels fantastic in, and then co-ordinate the rest of the family from there.  Choose clothing that matches your family's style and especially for kids, something that they will be comfortable in and happy to wear.  

I HIGHLY recommend reading through this entire post!  You won't find better advice anywhere else!!!

Extra tips!
* Start thinking of clothing as soon as your book your session.  Make sure outfits are clean and still fit growing children.
* Wear your clothes around for a little bit before your session to make sure that you can move around in them (raise your arms, bend forward, etc) without needing to constantly adjust.
* Iron, cut off tags and do not underestimate footwear choice!  For in-home session bare feet photograph best (socks often show dirt and dust, especially white socks).
* Think classic - you want to be able to treasure your images for years to come, so choose simple, classic clothes that will give your images a timeless feel.

What is a typical session like?

A typical session lasts 60-90 minutes. I try to make it relaxed and fun, and while some of the portraits may be slightly posed, my focus is on capturing the natural moments in between. You should feel free to let me know if there are certain groupings of family members that you want included. I'm always willing to incorporate your ideas, so don't be shy if you have any suggestions.  Be prepared to laugh and snuggle.

Where will the session take place?

I LOVE photographing families in their homes.  After all, it's where you and your children feel most comfortable and where most of your memories are made.  Don't worry!  Your home doesn't need to be sparkling clean or be perfectly decorated.  We will choose a few rooms to be tidied up (usually the family room, children's room, master bedroom and kitchen), but we can always move furniture around and shove clutter into the corner of the room if needed as we go along. Sessions are scheduled based on when the rooms you would like to shoot in have the best natural light (typically around 10am or 2pm).  Newborn photo sessions are held within the comfort of your own home.

Do YOU ALSO SHOOT OUTDOORS + What should I bring?

Yes, of course!  Once your session date is booked we will discuss what type of feel you are looking for in your photographs, we can then work together to come up with the perfect location.  Outdoor sessions start 1 1/2 hours before sunset.  Start time will vary greatly depending on time of year.  If your family includes small children, you may want to pack a small backpack with snacks and juice. Children (and adults) are always in a better mood if they have full bellies and are well-rested. You can also feel free to bring along any toys that your child loves and that you don't mind them being photographed with.

When will I receive my images?

A ‘sneak peek’ will be posted within 48 hours of your session (be sure to follow me on my Facebook page).  Your full on-line gallery will be available within two weeks of your session. Pictures will be professionally edited, color corrected (if needed), some offered in black & white and all in high resolution.

Can I order prints?

Of course! I encourage you to print your images (you can't hang a .jpg file in the wall!).  You will receive a print release form with your gallery which will allow you to print an unlimited amount of images at the lab of your choice.

You may also contact me to have your images printed at a premier print lab (and they will look so darn pretty)! The difference can be noticed than, say, getting your pictures printed at Walmart or Superstore due to elements like the paper quality, the print machine itself, and a little more professional TLC! ;) The best news is that prints are competitively priced, so you’ll be well taken care of and it’s easy! The prints and products will be delivered to you directly!  Contact me for my "a la carte" price list.

Newborn FAQs

When should I book my sessions?

Usually its best to book your session when the baby will be 7-15 days old.  With lifestyle sessions there is a bit more wiggle room since baby does not have to be sleeping to be posed. etc  Any age is worth capturing.  There is no reason a newborn session can't be booked even if baby is already a few months old.

What should baby wear?

Soft neutral tones are best.  Some parents like a few images of baby in just a diaper (be sure to turn up the heat in your home so baby stays warm and happy).  A simple white onesie will allow for the focus to be entirely on baby.  Please let me know if there are any sentimental items you would like to be photographed (a special blanket for example).

What should mom/dad wear?

Again, soft neutral tones are best.  The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident.  Often new mommas choose outfits that are a bit more loose/flowy.  Feel free to send me images of your outfit choices (not just on the bed, but on your body).  Shoes or bare feet photograph better than wearing socks.