Oh gosh!  Tyson's mom Ally, and I, have been Instagram friends for, like, forever! But had never met in person.  I was so thrilled when she contacted me about a pet session with her and her handsome man.  Of course, they are just as sweet in person as they are online (even more so!).

I absolutely LOVE these "pet connection" sessions (yup!  that's what I think I'll start calling them...).  What I love most about them is capturing the bond between animal, and animal guardian.  If I could go back, I wish I would have invested in images like these of myself and my "heart dog" who passed in 2014.

I'm SO giddy about finally getting to meet Tyson (and Ally too).  Such a sweet duo ♥

Do you share a special connection with a furry family member/best friend - I'd love to help you celebrate that.  Contact me to reserve your session date.

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